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Production Photographs ~ The Gondoliers

I’ve been asked back to Wakefield G&S Society in West Yorkshire to take the cast photographs for press release and their programs! We’ll be doing the shoot at one of their rehearsals about two weeks before the show in March. It’s a handful however with the portable studio we’ll hopefully create some really professional shots! Keep an eye out in March for some examples from the shoot!

If you’d like to support the society and come and watch you can buy the tickets direct from the theatre here > a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”>The Gondoliers at the Theatre Royal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire!

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27/365 Double Exposure

Just experimenting while I’ve got the tripod out from last nights photograph. I’m struggling mid week now that I’m back in work. Only so many hours in the day!

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Black is the new White in Photography

26 of 375 Game On. One of my 50mm 365 Project, Game On for me is about getting down dirty with contrast and shadows. I don’t have a home studio or access to one (well at least not for free) and the day to day items and decor of my home can be a distraction for that perfect portriat. I’m getting into black in a big way, I love pushing the contrast as high as I dare ~ if my camera was an amp, gain would go to eleven.

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26/375 Game On

I get through a whole day at work and although I finished a little early due to that light headed feeling I’ve been getting of later, I still felt victorious!

I’ve had the strobes out again looking for that real contrasty look to my images that I want to create.

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25/365 Try Hard

Feeling under the weather again a decided to have a mess about with the strobes again. Need more practice me thinks. Especially after watching McClain do his thing, I’ve been sat up watching the Die Hard quadrilogy whilst catching up on emails!

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Photographers protest UK terror law