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28/365 The Gondoliers

First principle rehearsal this evening and the lines came flooding back, this will be the second time round I’ve been asked to play this part although this time its in an Opera House! For anyone interested in buying tickets and coming to watch me sing the lead Tenor role check out this website! > The Gondoliers at the Theatre Royal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire!

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You don’t have to be Greek to aMuse me


A couple of weeks ago I put out a casting call to all walks with a hope to extend my existing portfolio.  Thanks to those who have been in touch and I look forward to hearing from more of you,  any time.

Meeting new talent wasn’t the only reason for the casting call, this week I’m announcing a personal project of mine that will prove to test my skills and to have an enormous amount of fun along the way! I want to create a contemporary set depicting each of the 9 muses from Greek mythology.  This will require 9 models, 9 hair stylists, 9 make up artists, 9 wardrobe designers, each image will be shot at a different location in or around the West Yorkshire area,  depicting a muse of contemporary life.

It’s important that everyone involved understands that there is no commission, no budget, no pay (TF only) and that it is a team effort, demanding creative input from everybody – I want this project to be a learning exercise and a networking one too.

If you are interested in the project and wish to be a part of the team, drop me a line with some details and examples of your work to date. DON’T BE PUT OFF by this, I’m not looking for professional artists or models, I want to work with anyone who has passion in what they do and wish to do more!

Look forward to hearing from you

Casting Call!

Dressing Room, originally uploaded by Anthony James Photography.

Calling, well everyone!

I’m blowing the cobwebs off Anthony James Photography with a massive injection of new work but I need your help!

I’m filling my diary for the remainder of 2009 and (with the exception of weddings*1) all those appointments are free! Working in the West Yorkshire area I’m offering my services absolutely free, no catch – here’s what I’m looking for but not stuck too, contact me even if you’re not on the list!

Models, Singers, Dancers, musicians – I heart portraiture and I’m itching to take you pictures so get in touch.  I’m interested in individuals or groups with their own style wanting to extend their own portfolios, get casting shots, album\gig shots.

Groups, Societies, Clubs – Do you have an event you wish to publicise – I’ve worked on regional press releases in conjunction with musical societies right through to high street names.

I could go on, students, special events\parties, pets*2 – the only restriction will be how far I have to travel or if I’m already booked!

Are you still not sure?  Well I’ll conclude before I start sounding like a double glazing salesman or desperate; I need to extend to my own portfolio, I’m semi professional – meaning my experience is limited to what I have done to date and that some of that work has been paid for.  That’s what I hope to gain, you’ll hopefully get a set of shots that you’ll be proud of, that you would have paid for!

*1 Wedding bookings are subject to price but having recently got married myself and understanding the costs – I’m happy to tailor my services to suit your needs!

*2 Do you have friends or family?  Get them involved before 2010!

Temple Newsham Photography Competition

I came across this yesterday by accident and plan to enter.  Tomorrow morning I’m up at Dawn to capture the grounds for the over 18’s category, are you entering? 

The Gondoliers

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Northumberside Forest Rally

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