A NEW photography project and I want you to get involved!

As some or most of you (I'm not sure) will be aware, I am currently off work following a little surgery.  My brain is in overdrive and is torn with the fustration that I can't physically do anything other than this, lay the ground work for a new project and I want you to get involved!

I saw some fellow tweeters using formspring as a way of creating a conversation with their followers who can follow a link to your profile and ask an anonymous question!  As I am off sick and finding it difficult to move about at the moment, I thought this would be a novel way of people getting to know me by answering questions in one of my vlogs!

So far guys 6 of you have asked…….I need more!

SO how about I raise the stakes?  As well as answering your questions using the power of video I will take one picture that illustrates the answer I give to your question, a gallery of questions!  

It's now down to you dear reader, follow this link and ask me a question!!!  We'll call this the Q&A Project!

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