Introducing another BIG Picture Photographer!

Hiya all, may as well say my two penn'arth.

Well, I'm getting back into flexing my 'creative' muscle after a gap of around 15 years or so. Back in the day my photographic flair (or not as the case sometimes was) was in doing action shots and panning, so was often found with my tripod and trigger set up in Dalby Forest somewhere, waiting for Carlos Sainz, Colin McCrae or Didier Auriol to whizz by.

Now things have changed – and how have they! Gone are the rolls of film (I worked with a Minolta Dynax 7xi SLR kit) and shortly in will be a nice chunky Nikon dSLR (though still deciding on which model).

To try recapture my eye for composition, though, I've been mainly arsing around with my BlackBerry and had some rather good results. Instead of going back to familiar territory/subject matter, I'm trying to adopt a wider scope and am presently doing a lot of architecture shots. I'll see what happens when I'm all kitted up and have more time on my hands but let's say for now that I'm having a great deal of fun in taking opportunist shots as well as thinking more structurally about composition and lighting to give different FX.

Nice to meet you all

Lynda. x
(reposted by Anthony on behalf of Lynda)

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