Facebook | The Modern Muse Project

Tapping the barrel of social media, I’ve started this Facebook group in the hope that people will actually interact with something other than a cartoon farm animal. The Modern Muse Project has been simmering for about 2 weeks now and I am nowhere near ready to picking up my camera.

I initially wanted to take the 9 Greek muses and transform them into modern portraits but I didn’t like the idea that it would be my interpretation and that my opinion would be limited to my own experiences. If this set of portraits is to truly depict the modern muse surely I have to ask the question to more than one person?

We live in a technological age were oral history is passed from one blog to another, a RT ‘d tweet and group invitations. What better way than to use these tools to ask my question:

“What or who is your muse? And why?”

Posted via web from The Continuous Improvement Photography Project


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