You don’t have to be Greek to aMuse me


A couple of weeks ago I put out a casting call to all walks with a hope to extend my existing portfolio.  Thanks to those who have been in touch and I look forward to hearing from more of you,  any time.

Meeting new talent wasn’t the only reason for the casting call, this week I’m announcing a personal project of mine that will prove to test my skills and to have an enormous amount of fun along the way! I want to create a contemporary set depicting each of the 9 muses from Greek mythology.  This will require 9 models, 9 hair stylists, 9 make up artists, 9 wardrobe designers, each image will be shot at a different location in or around the West Yorkshire area,  depicting a muse of contemporary life.

It’s important that everyone involved understands that there is no commission, no budget, no pay (TF only) and that it is a team effort, demanding creative input from everybody – I want this project to be a learning exercise and a networking one too.

If you are interested in the project and wish to be a part of the team, drop me a line with some details and examples of your work to date. DON’T BE PUT OFF by this, I’m not looking for professional artists or models, I want to work with anyone who has passion in what they do and wish to do more!

Look forward to hearing from you


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