Whats this all about? Project 365

Most of you will no doubt be aware of the existence of project 365. Not being totally sure about how it all started I resign myself to leave that information out however should you really want to know, send me an email or comment below – or you could goolge it.

I started a Photography 365 three days ago “The adventures of Little Pink Bear” visit the blog for full entries (there’s stories on the blog) or review the photographs only on Flickr!

If you would like to know more about what, where or how then check out the About page, email or comment me on either blog!


5 responses to “Whats this all about? Project 365

  1. i absolutely love this shot! wow.
    what lens did you use for this?

    365 shots in 365 days stresses me out. maybe the reason i’m doing a 52 photos in 52 weeks project instead. :)

  2. Thanks Katie!

    This was shot with Canons 50mm Prime 1.8f hand held with a desk lamp providing the light.

    I’m only 3 days into my second ‘attempt’ at 365 – life does tend to get in the way of photography! However if you’re like me, photography is a bit mote than a hobby – I love it – trouble is, I don’t get enough time these days for proper shoots, so I thought a 365 would keep my hand in!

    52 week project sounds great though! Are you on Twitter or Flickr? Would love to see how you get on!

  3. I’m slowly working my way up to a decent camera…should be receiving a new dslr tomorrow, although it’s nothing fancy. Still don’t have a 50mm, but hopefully by christmas will have it. And yes, I do have a flickr page but also list everything on my own site. you can check out the weekly photo challenge here:
    But just know, that these have all been shot with a silly little point and shoot…
    and touched up beyond belief.

    i can’t wait to check back on your 365 day progress. so far, i’m loving it!

  4. New post on the other blog! I love your photographs > check out the link on the right!!!

  5. you are the best!
    guess what? you just got yourself a spot on my links too.

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