Combing two hobbies : How and what to pack when cycling

So what happens when you combine two joys on one trip?  Is it possible to cycle and shoot?  Well the answer is yes!
Have you ever experienced taking out an camera on a cycling trip?  I recently took advantage at a local dealer and picked up a new mountain bike, part of the get fit craze I started at the beginning of the year.   Once happy that I had not forgotten how to stay upright I started to consider what this could mean to my photography, being able to go places a car could’nt, being able to stop shoot and go and so on but what special precautions when packing my DSLR would I have to consider, if say, I put it in my backpack.  Would I have any problems with vibrations / falls etc?

How many of you would love to take your DSLR out but feel a bit nervous about it?  Here’s a few suggestions;

  • Pack the camera in your usual camera bag before stowing it in a rucksack, it’s a bit of a brick to take mountain biking but your camera will be well protected
  • Take a dedicated camera backpack.  I use the Lowepro Slingshot –  its great for getting at the camera quickly but for longer rides the single strap across the shoulder can start to irritate
  • The ultimate – if you can afford to invest in a compact, the little Sony cybershots can take some pretty good quality photos

Another idea is to  strap your camera bag across your chest, either separately from your rucksack or clipped to the rucksack straps at 4 points.  It provides  stability  and although I can’t claim that it has no effect on riding, it is surprisingly out of the way yet available when you want that snap.

One final piece of advise for those who cxan not bare to be seperated from your DSLR, check your insurance as even house insurance may cover you if you take a fall.


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