Simple Photoshop touch ups

I captured this rusty look tap earlier today, continuing my campaign to exclusively use the 50mm Prime.
The original was good but how do you get from good to great?
Using the same basic tools that I have become familiar with whilst touching up portriat shots in Photoshop I was able to significantly improve the original to get the shot!
Improving the contrast and colour in the raw editor with CS3 I started with a shot needing a slight crop just to bring the pipe on the left of the tap to a horizontal position.   Before continuing I decided exactly what I was going to do to the shot to avoid over editing and making it look unrealistic.
  1. I create two background copies
  2. Then on the first layer I use the lasso tool around the larger blemishes
  3. Dragging the outline to a ‘clean’ area of the picture, I simply copied and pasted over the blemish, automatically creating it’s own layer.  Now at this point you’ll end up creating quite a few layers so hide all you other layers after you have finished and simply merge visable.  I took the erase tool and set it to about 50% and ran around the edges of the pasted areas to soften them
  4. On the second of the two background copies I used the spot healing brush set to Darken (drop down at the top of the screen) this takes example pixels from nearby so dont use a large brush, just one large enought ot cover the spot and click away!

So I have three layers, and finally I add a little viginette but thats a personal preference! Here’s a shot with the layers included! Give me a shout if I can help with your photographs!

Tap - Photoshop Shot


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