Advertising my Photography on the web

I have neglected both my website and the blog for several months now but with one wedding under the belt, a second in 5 weeks and the Trading Faces project starting in a fortnight, it’s about time I had a clear out and out my ‘shop’ in order.

 I set myself a to-do, the aim of which was to target the on-line community and rely on word of mouth as supposed to expensive advertising in the newspapers etc.  My first  Gumtree ad should be live in an hour if not already.

Over this next year as I concentrate on my portfolio I am hoping to the same for others, whether it be budding actors, actresses and musicians.  Sports and hobby enthusiast, arts groups and theatre, there are opportunities for next to free prints for all whilst I build on experience and the portfolio.

As well as Gumtree I have joined the Twittersphere and have unashamedly started to plug the photography on Facebook!  Have I missed the big payout though, reading this can you suggest other ways to get your work out there?


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