1st impressions of the Canon 17-55mm f2.8

I have to say that the lens and I have’nt really had time to get to know each other but 1st impressions make for a potentially happy and long relationship.  It’s a little heavier than I expected (although I had access to the spec) so although it’s a good lens for a walk around, I’d much rather take the lighter nifty fifty (Canon 50mm f1.8 Mk II), the prime lens is a 1/4 of the size and a fraction of the weight, whilst maintaining itself as a contender to the 17-55mm ability to draw light from seemingly nowhere.

I’ll post some more work in the near future but here’s a little story board, my partner and her mother reminiscing in the dinning room, overcast outside providing ‘some’ natural light on the left of the pictures and tungsten from above.



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