Canon EOS 40D Body – Jessops

Looking for a bargin in the DSLR market? I was and found it in the last place I would have considered looking.

Jessops, the well known high street PC World of Photography in the UK retail industry have come in the top two retailers online for the popular Canon 40D.

I am extending my kit to include this body and as usual have dredged the highways and byways, forums and all to hunt down the best deals from the most reputable of sellers.  I have been pretty much biased to using Warehouseexpress however when they informed me today that their ‘low stock’ actually meant ‘no stock’ I looked around for a more expensive alternative to trade off on getting the camera sooner.

And here it is! Canon EOS 40D Body – Jessops I was amazed to find that for once Jessops had been competative, only £10 more expensive, free delivery or arrange to collect (which is worth its weight in gold when buying electricals!).

Not only that, yes thats right, there’s more!  For an additional £10 you can add the 10EG Canon Deluxe Camera Bag to your order, thats £68! cheaper than buying the same one from Warehouseexpress!

I’ll personally be placing an order for this tomorrow all being well, although the bag is great quality, I prefer taking something out with me that doesn’t shout,

Oi nick me, I’m worth a packet!

Jessops do have several other clearance deals on compacts so be sure to check them out.

Do you have a shop you always favour? Are you missing out on the bargins?


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